Put Your Best Pitch Forward

We design custom sales presentations that will turn heads, close deals, and save you time. Our services range from designing custom slide imagery to creating brand new templates from scratch. Partnering with GhostRanch means working with a responsive team, because we understand the fast-paced nature of the sales world. That's why we put our customers in direct contact with our designers to create a more responsive workflow, so that you get the results you need, by the time you need them.

A Winning Workflow:

Let's say you have a big important pitch coming up. You have your go-to deck, but this is a WHALE of an opportunity, in an industry that your company hasn't quite tapped into. You want to showcase a few new product features that will really speak to this prospect's unique needs. Now, instead of wasting hours of good preparation time fidgeting with stock photos and clip art, simply create a few new rough slides, and make annotations in your deck. Shoot it to GhostRanch, and our designers will quickly review your notes and will get to executing.Before you know it, your sparkling new deck is back in your hands, looking better than ever.

Our Bread and Butter:

We expect most of our customers to already have a corporate PowerPoint template, and that is perfectly fine with us. We are happy to work with your brand standards, and can adapt to any style.

We feel that our true talents come in designing the story within your deck. Each new slide is a challenge, and our goal is to create visuals so compelling that each slide could live as a standalone advertisement. And when these brilliant new slides are combined in the ultimate storytelling medium, your new deck will be greater than the sum of its parts.

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