Episode 2.2: You CAN Start Over.

Building bridges in sales through travel with Isabella Silva

Isabella Silva has lived in Thailand leading tours for hundreds of hostel-goers. She’s been heckled while removing ketchup stains at Costco demonstrations. And now, she's a Tour Consultant for Education First (EF), a travel company connecting the world through education. 

A California native gone Coloradan with a solid arsenal of bad-Dad jokes, Bella joins Molly and Allie to talk sales, travel and how she keeps up her glowing personality and motivated spirit in what can sometimes be a tough sales world. 

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What to listen for:

—The relationship of travel and sales 

—From hostels to cold calls—how to network like a natural

—Creating empathy over a phone call

—Finding common ground with people you have nothing in common with

—Coping mechanisms for the rejection of sales 

—Horror stories of forgetting to hang up the phone and cursing in front of a client, whoops

What's she talking about? 

Social anxiety - you’re not alone
"And it’s uncomfortable almost every time. Even for a mega extravert, a mega people person. I still go through social anxiety almost where I’m in my head the whole time…And it doesn’t get easier at any time. You just have to start over but that’s kind of fun part about it—because you CAN start over. Just find ways to build a bridge—and that is sales."

On not letting the “no’s” get you down
"I do have to be able to just hang up and move onthat’s the nature of my job. I hang up the phone and move on to the next—and that’s given me a good balance."

How she doesn't burn out
"I try and find things that fill my soul a little bit and replenish my bucket...having that balance keeps me sane and it keeps me coming in better each day because I’m investing in myself. That, to me, is sustainable—you can do it for a lot longer versus burning yourself out. And that’s something I wish someone had told me starting out." 

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