Clip Art #TBT - Breaking Up With The 90s Flip Phone

Clip Art, A Memoir

Dear 90s Flip Phone,

You might have represented innovative communication and within-the-hour-response time with a 1998 client. But in today’s world, it’s all we can do to not picture Zack Morris talking his way out of something with this chunk of technology glued to his face. 

Where you once symbolized the forefront of efficiency and mobility, you have to accept that your resemblance is now closer to that of a children’s toy.

Phones are still vital to communication, it's true. And until the Apple Watch saturates the market and everyone walks around talking into their wristlets like characters in a spy movie, they’re going to be around for a while longer. But the image of a flip phone in anything short of an Adele music video is now simply unacceptable.

It’s been fun, you former mobile mogul. Your large buttons and harsh dial tones will be missed.

It’s not you, it’s us.