Season 2 Episode 1: Clients Are People Too

Allie and Molly embark on the second leg of their sales journey

In the newest season of Come Sell Away, the high-seas sales journey continues with GhostRanch Creative Director Allie Rotenberg joining ship. 

Officially "The Sales Podcast for the Sales-Averse" (patent pending), this podcast is for those seeking to grow leads and opportunities. It's for game-changers and ruckus-makers—and people that love speaking in these kinds of buzzword terms.

It's for YOU and it's for me because like it or not, we're all in sales. 

Our mission, most importantly, is to make sales accessible (and dare we say fun??) for everyone. 

To kickoff, we're talking about Allie's journey to sales and the first time she realized clients are people—just like us.

Catch me up

Oh, did you want to fast-forward and episode or 8 with a quick lil recap of Season 1? Have a listen to Mikey and Molly's Season 1 Takeaways here.

What'd they say?

"Sales is just knowing what you're talking about, speaking to it in a way that people connect with and then presenting it to them as something they need."

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