Episode 7: Reading the Room

Standup Comedy and Sales with Vincent James

Vincent James Pietrafesa, better known as Vincent James for his comedy gigs in NYC is a dual-threat: he's great at sales—and he's hilarious. If this is an unexpected combo to you—we thought the same thing. That's why we were so thrilled to get a chance to hear about his journey to comedy and sales and how they align A LOT more than meets the eye...or ear...or funny bone? 

An energetic and demonstrative personality, you can almost hear him talking with his hands. Take a listen for some laughs, learning how to take a "no", and why putting money in the refrigerator juuust might motivate you to make more.  

What To Listen For:

—What we can learn about sales from comedy and vice versa

—The “non-pushy” sales approach

—"Solution Selling" and asking for a “no”

—How to move conversations along and pivot—whether you’re in a one-on-one or trying to make an entire audience laugh 

—How to go off script and not freak out

—Vincent’s best conversation starters 

What's he talking about?

Vincent on his sales approach:
"I want to be talked to and treated the way I would like to be treated. I am persistent but I’m not annoying."

Dealing with rejection:
“A ‘no’ is not a bad thing in sales. A ‘no’ moves you forward.”

Vincent on genuine storytelling:
"It's okay to go off-script."

Vincent tells us the gosh-darn truth:
"People love to buy, they don’t love to be sold."

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