Grouping Objects in Power Point

And What to Do When PPT Won't Let You

Please watch the video above for a quick walkthrough on PowerPoint groups. Why and when you may want to use them, how to use them, and key commands for group, ungroup and regroup. Also, what to do when your group button is greyed-out and the key command is not working.

I use a number of key commands in this tutorial (and do not mention all of them) so here is a quick rundown of what was used:
*if using a mac press command instead of control

control+g = group
shift+control+g = ungroup
shift+control+j = regroup
control+click and drag = duplicate object
shift+click and drag = move object vertically or horizontally

holding shift while creating an object creates a square or perfect circle
holding shift while resizing an object from the corner retains its aspect ratio (ex, keeps a square a square)

shift+any arrow key = resize object
control+shift+any arrow key = resize object by small increments
*these last 2 can be used while maintaining aspect ratio if you turn on "lock aspect ratio" found on the formatting pane (not the formatting tab) under shape options, size. If you cannot find the formatting pane please watch the associated video above or check out my blog post 3 Things You Should Be Doing as Soon as You Open Powerpoint.

Our post on Customizing Your Powerpoint Workspace covers setting up your Quick Access Toolbar where you will see me clicking the alignment buttons.