Episode 8: What We Know So Far—Un-learning Sales

Mikey and Molly take a look back at 2017

Mikey and Molly take a look back to highlight a few (of the many) gems from interviewees that we’ve been gifted over the past year and take a deep breath to realize—they’ve been de-constructing sales this whole time.

With each new conversation on Come Sell Away, we’ve been offered amazing advice, clever insights, and some truly astounding bad-Dad jokes. We’re looking forward to what this next year holds but in the meantime—take a listen at what we’ve unlearned. 

6 Key Lessons from Come Sell Away 2017

(1) It’s all about relationships—and starting slow. You don’t have to sell them hard on the first call. Build a bit of fun rapport and see where it takes you instead of going straight for the sell. (3:05)

(2) Quality Over Quantity. Introverts, rejoice! Don’t freak out about talking to everyone at networking events. Make one solid connection and make it a good one. Take some of that heavy pressure off yourself. (7:05)

(3) Don’t be afraid of a “no.” There’s always another door. (In door-to-door sales, it’s a literal door). Think of rejections as a way to adapt, learn, and continue onward. (10:50)

(4) Just Listen. If you think about sales as listening instead of talking, it’s already a bit less intimidating. Listening and looking for body language cues can be a huge signal as well. (15:35)

(5) Conversation Hacks. Max Breckbill offers a few convo starter tips such as “mirroring” and merging onto the “networking highway.” (23:45)  

(6) Be Authentic. People can see through bullshit. If you’re being yourself, passionate about what you’re doing and honest, that’s gonna shine through. Let it show, let it gooo. (26:20)

(BONUS!) Mikey mumbles. Molly laughs at everything. We’re gonna work on that.

What'd they say??

RJ Casey

"Be passionate about what you’re doing and selling. I think you can sell people just on your passion alone sometimes—that you’re so excited about what you’re selling that other people want to be involved in that."

Tara Jaye Frank

"Whenever I get that very first opportunity to talk, I do not sell on the very first call. I just try to get to know them and share with them a little bit about me and what inspired to reach out in the first place."

"When people are authentic when they’re onstage, when you know that they’re not only talking about what they’ve studied but they’re talking about what they’ve lived and they believe in the ideas and in the content they’re providing—that’s what inspires me personally."

Stephen Sheets

"The good news is, you get a new door every time you walk a few feet. We’d knock on a door, get it closed in our faces, talk about what went wrong, and go try the next one."

Vincent James

“It’s a non-pushy approach…People love to buy, they don’t love to be sold.”

Danielle Oliver

"I don’t have a sales background at all—that’s not necessarily a bad thing though because I’m bringing certain qualities to the table but I also need to listen to the sales people, see the qualities that they’re bringing to the table, and then collaborate with them."

Max Breckbill

"If you can start revving up your engine on the way to the networking event, then by the time you’re there you’ll be warmed up, you’ll be in the flow, you’ll have transitioned from “Excel sheet mode” to more of a social mode—then you can just merge into the “traffic” of the networking event." 

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