Episode 2.7: Signal Searching

Strategic Lead Generation and Finding the Right Clients with Lloyd Yip

Lloyd Yip is a master of lead generation. That’s because he does his research, looks for the right signals to hone in on a target audience, and nope—he’s not afraid of cold-calling. 

As the Director of Sales for Growth Genius, an organization rooted in strategic lead generation, Lloyd’s assistance through Molly’s rambling elevator pitch is some of the best free advice on the internet. Tune in for tips on locating signals, building relationships through research, and How Not To Cold Call.

Things to listen for:

—Prospecting the right customer or audience by looking for the appropriate signals and triggers. 
—When you do find the right audience, DO YOUR RESEARCH. 
—Point out the problem that you can help with in your pitch, make the client (not you, dummy) the hero of the story. 
—Nurturing leads in non-annoying, natural ways - personalization is everything. 
—Sales as a form of helping people - you simply have to find the right people to help. 
—Me, flailing at a GhostRanch sample “pitch” and mock cold-call and Lloyd schooling me.

What's he talking about?

Hot for cold-calling (7:50)
"People say cold calling is dead—it’s not dead. And frankly, if you are unable to give a very concise and compelling pitch within 30 seconds—which is what a cold call really is—then you’re probably not gonna be able to sell the product very well on a longer pitch…you should still do it because it’s just great practice as a sales person or an entrepreneur." 

IN YOUR PITCH: Point out the problem you can help with (10:03)
"My philosophy on pitches in general is that you really want to understand exactly what the clients will get out of it and the relationship. If I’m listening to your sales pitch, I want to completely understand why it will make my day-to-day better."

Stop being so self-centered! (16:26)
"What companies often make a mistake on is that they make themselves the hero, they make themselves the focal point of the story. Frankly, the client doesn’t care too much about who you are, they don’t really care about you...placing them into the focal point of the story, you’re coming in almost as a tool that they can use to put themselves into a better place."

Do your homework 
(40:56) "Think about your own time. Would you want to spend thirty minutes on a client that is not gonna ever buy?"

(41:29) "Research is what matters most and this is the same no matter what channel you’re in. If you’re using email, be well-researched and be personalized. The more unique snippets that you can put in there based off what you know is very "one-to-one" on that person that you’re emailing, the better. And same thing—if you’re cold-calling and you can show very quickly that you’ve done a lot of research into that company before you’ve even cold-called them, it’s way more compelling."   

Signal Searching (45:05)
"As an entrepreneur or as a salesperson, think about your own clients and think about your own product—what are the signals that I should be researching?"

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