Episode 2.4: Selling An Experience

Jay Savsani Connecting the World Through Mealsharing

Jay Savsani was traveling through Cambodia when he grew so tired of the tourist restaurant traps that he asked the concierge where to find a home-cooked meal. He ended up in the home of the concierge, Mr. Pon, sharing delicious food and a memorable experience. Just like that, the idea of accessing home-cooked food ‘round the world was born. Mealsharing has developed its own niche within the sharing economy, unofficially dubbed the “AirBnb of home-cooked meals.”

From startup cool culture to creating a globally shared experience, Jay talks us through selling an experience, connecting people, building community, and test-driving everything…on Craigslist.

What to listen for:

—Jumping at an opportunity when you know the audience and appetite for that niche is growing (ie: seeing Lyft and Uber erupt before the “Sharing Economy” was even a thing).

—Selling an experience vs. selling a product. Keeping it personal and connected.

—Building community and culture through your brand.

—How to test your sales model and audience targeting…on Craigslist.

What's he talking about?

People gotta eat (8:26)
"Mealsharing as a brand and as a company really taps into a place every person on earth cares about—whether you like it or not! Because it’s food, it’s travel, it’s community—and most people like those things."

When the brand starts to build itself from a good story. (Jay’s Cambodia story goes viral). (12:10) 
"It becomes something larger than my experience, it becomes something that resonated with people."

On taking the intimate approach (30:53)
"I think that a company that is so intimate and personal requires at times really intimate exchanges. There’s a low-touch salesman and there’s the high-touch...For us on the team, we go in between and back and forth—I think it’s important that we’re still developing relationships. We’ll call hosts, for example, we’ll call a host that joins in Sao Paulo, Brazil, welcome them, ask them if they need anything, tips on how to get started, and stuff like that.

It’s a real intimate approach which I love because being at Mealsharing, you want to call people around the world and chat with them and learn about what’s going on."

Looking beyond the meal: The Mealsharing Vision (35:34)
"I think it’s to keep growing to keep having more places to eat around the world. For us it’s like—how can things happen within the community as there’s more scale?...Community building—how do we shape and help the world?"

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah... (37:59)
"The meal is just the foundation for people and community and cultures to get together ‘cause, ya know, we all got to eat everyday so why not have it be more connected?"

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