Episode 2.3: Always Learning, Always Authentic

Timothy King Sailing Through Sales

Timothy King means what he says. Even on an early morning phone call from Hawaii, where he is currently living and adventuring, you can tell Timothy King could and would convince you of anything. Which is why he was such a compelling guest to have on Come Sell Away.

In addition to his extensive sales strategies and certifications, we discuss his experience with design, healthcare, and the most efficient ways to deliver products and services to clients. Most importantly though—the importance of being authentic through it all.

What to listen for: 

—Uses of Six Sigma, Sigma Lean, and Agile Marketing framework

—How to reject the “slimy salesman” image and still thrive in the sales world

—Connecting marketing and sales teams to make a company as efficient as possible

—Making more efficient the process of connecting customers to important services such as healthcare

—The benefits of “less is more” in presenting

—How to move to Hawaii on a whim (kidding)

What's he talking about? 

Breaking it all down (5:19)
Ultimately, when you think about selling—it’s just explaining the logic and benefits of a decision."

Setting up expectations...by being yourself (25:36)
I’m a person who MASSIVELY rejects the thought of being a sales person, right? The connotation when I think of salesmen is just a slimy person…and I think really like 99% of my success was literally the fact that I was authentic…people knew exactly what to expect time and time again."

Less is more (38:35) 
"I think you have to believe to sell and you have to believe in what you’re trying to sell. That less is more. And that the more authentic that you are in your pitch or your position on a case or a product or whatever it is, the more people connect with it."

On prepping for a presentation (40:35)
"The charisma that I have will come out, the little compassion that I have, my selflessness my ability to lead people—you know all those values will shine through if I allow them and I don’t restrict them. Less is more when you’re presenting...Allow yourself the opportunity to show what you believe by not restricting it with overloading the memory box."

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