Episode 3: Find Your Sweetspot

Tara Jaye Frank, Public Speaking and the Horrors of Cold-Calling

You know that one seventh grade English teacher that totally changed your perspective on life with the freshest take on How to Kill A Mockingbird? Or the band you listened to on repeat and found out everything there is to know about each member? 

Tara Jaye Frank is all of those people. She’s inspiring, she’s eager to help others and she’s a blast to talk to. Renowned public speaker and Hallmark consultant, Tara joins Mikey and Molly to discuss how she became a public speaker and how you might become one too (or anything else you want to be, for that matter). 

What to listen for:

—Tara Tips: Experiences, Skills, Behaviors Needed to Succeed, and Relationships Needed to Develop

—Horrors of cold-calling

—Expanding your network with the connections you already have

—Web presence: Building credibility when your name gets Googled

—What makes a storyteller compelling

Very Important Things About Tara

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie: Tagalong but can’t wait to try S’mores

Further reading, listening, learning:

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That's what she said:

Tara on finding your passion

“Always encourage people even if what you’re selling doesn’t in of itself inspire you, what is it around that particular product or item that you can truly connect to? And find that connection—you’ll find your sweet spot.”

“The right question is what do you want to share with the world?”

Tara on WHY you should share your ideas in public

“Sharing ideas and getting other people to share my ideas was how I planned to build credibility as an expert. As a thought leader.”

Tara on ideal takeaways from a talk

“People should always walk away with something they can use.”

Tara on storytelling

“That’s what really speaks to me. When people are authentic when they’re onstage. When you know that they’re not only  talking about what they’ve studied but what they’ve lived and they believe in the ideas and the content that they’re providing.”

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