Clip Art #TBT - Letting Go Of The Weight Of The World

Clip Art, A Memoir

Ah yes, the Very Important *Big Picture* Slide.

So you inserted the world in your deck! What did this really signify? Perhaps you’re referencing the global market, the ability to “scale,” or world peace?

Placing an entire planet into PowerPoint alludes that your original idea will affect all of mankind—quite a lot of unnecessary pressure, if you ask us.

Those unrealistic latitude-longitude lines? Columbus would've never made it to America with a scale like that.

Unless you're mocking up a new geography-inspired board game and unless this lime green/aqua blue color combo compliments your brand palette, this globe piece of clip art is perhaps the most vague one in the library.

Unfortunately, the world does not communicate how worldly your ideas are.

We’re not saying scale down your goals. There are simply better ways of communicating just how big your dreams are.