Another Year Young

GhostRanch rings in the big TW-O mark.

August 2nd is the GhostRanch official day of birth. Mikey (Head Ranchero) informed us on Slack this morning, and I have to say I was a little miffed I didn't know sooner. There's nothing I enjoy more than making a big deal out of birthdays. 

SO NATURALLY, here I am writing about it. 

We're celebrating in true Slack style though, there are lots of emojis floating around and talk of celebratory toasts on Zoom later. We also wanted to take a look back on how far we've come as a company. As designers, marketers, professionals, and as coworkers. (Just look at these infantile sketches of what would become our super slick site!). 

It's an interesting environment being a part of a dispersed team. We're up and working at weird and different hours scattered across time zones. And if you walk away from Slack for more than twenty minutes, it's likely you've missed several quality Game of Thrones memes. 

Today we turn a whopping two years old and unlike toddlers, it's not so terrible. Together, we're learning from and with each other, creating and innovating wherever possible and keeping clients happy. We're having FUN. 

Much like toddlers, however, there are growing pains and tumbles and scratches and several nights of not so good sleep. 

But we're walking and we're talking and if you've ever been around a two-year-old, there's no stopping us from getting what we want. 

Happy Birthday, GhostRanch! Here's to many more.