It's Like Summer Camp For Professionals: (BONUS) Episode

Diary Of An AltMBA Alumnus

Get outside your bubble, have people look at your work and ask them questions. Say: “What do you see that i don’t see?” 

And see what happens.

If you were to speak to me during the month of July, I might’ve been rambling on about this 30 day program I was doing. No, it was not some fad diet cleanse or inspirational photo challenge. It was an online course put on by marketing guru Seth Godin. The “AltMBA.”

What I imagined to be a marketing, business-focused course ended up providing me with one of the most productive (albeit busy), influential months of community, encouragement and “leveling up” that I haven’t experienced since…well, summer camp.

Indeed, the AltMBA is not a “business class” — and they emphasize this point throughout the process. It is a series of group projects, prompts and collaborative assignments to challenge your perspectives both personal and professional. Each week of the four week course, you’re assigned a group in a Slack channel and given a series of prompts. These can be anything ranging from "Come up with 99 business ideas" to "Write your own author bio." While some involved more independent work than others, the team & feedback elements were essential.  

It is not accredited in any way with a school. There is no certificate or graduation ceremony — only a final group video call, appropriately named the “Farewell Bonfire.” Throughout July, as I attempted to explain this program to others, I was asked why I would invest all this time into something that was 

For one, I knew it would both fluff up my resume as well as make for some fresh networking connections. What I didn’t anticipate was the new perspectives and skills I gleaned from others along the way. “Trust the process” — they repeated this phrase to us again and again. 

And in trusting this process I began to reevaluate and restructure my own processes with which I work, set goals and generally live my life. 

The AltMBA provided opportunities for one full month to continually ask people outside of my circle: “What do you see that I don’t see?” I became a better listener and gained new perspectives. 

And it’s the best gosh-darn summer camp I’ve ever had the privilege of attending. 

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