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GhostRanch has helped business leaders tell better visual stories, remotely, since 2015.

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Specialization For the Win!

Expertise does something pretty magical. The more we invest in our own pursuit of presentation design mastery, the faster we can deliver world class work to our clients. The faster we can deliver world class work to our clients, the more value we can create for their business.

GhostRanch presentation designers are comfortable with our place behind the scenes of your team's high stakes presentation. No need for awards or hype. Truly, what brings us fulfillment is knowing the deck we helped create did something to help propel you in your career. And hey, we figure if we did a good enough job, you might be cool with us enjoying a nice long ride on your coattails all the way to the top.


GhostRanch Communications - Be The Wolf


Lots of graphic designers can create "pretty slides." We firmly believe, however, that presentation design deliverables can't be World Class if they don't meet all of your real-world business needs. Tight turns. Rigid brand guidelines. Complete editability within your slideware of choice. No matter the constraint, our goal is to solve your unique business communication challenges so dependably that next time you send a deck to GhostRanch, you'll have no doubt we'll deliver.

GhostRanch Mantra - Just Keep Learning

Up, up and away!

Presentation design pulls from an array of creative disciplines, and most of us at GhostRanch stumbled our way into this medium after honing our skills in a range of other creative industries. One thing bonds us — a passion to become the best we can be in this ubiquitous yet overlooked, under appreciated yet massively important communication medium.

The road to mastery is, very likely, a nevery ending one. That's great news to us at GhostRanch, because we dig a good adventure, and this quest to "just keep learning" has already been one for the ages.

If you geek out on visual storytelling and are curious about starting your path as a presentation designer, please check out this call for extra deck hands.

Studied advertising, stumbled into startups, found a love for presentation design.

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